Alternative Press Syndicate: Western Media Justifies Killing of Palestinians and Suppression of Journalists

Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the historical context of the events in the occupied Palestinian territories is frequently disregarded by Western media. Conversely, it presents a wholly skewed narrative favoring the Israeli viewpoint, and neglecting to adhere to professional norms and media agreements.

Most Western media is violating numerous professional standards in covering the aggression on Gaza, ranging from impartiality to ensuring accuracy, balance, and verifying information before publishing, focusing solely on presenting selective facts.

In their coverage of the aggression on Gaza, most Western media breaches many professional standards, including but not limited to impartiality, accuracy, balance, and information verification before publication. Instead, these outlets exhibit a singular focus on presenting selective facts.

This one-dimensional discourse establishes criteria for identifying who’s the “victim” and who’s not, and dehumanizes Palestinians to the point where their murder is acceptable and Israeli aggression is rationalized as “self-defence”. These depictions tarnish the reputation of Palestinians and those who advocate for their rights or support them.

Those who dare to speak the truth and disseminate it internationally and the people of Gaza, who are under an unprecedentedly lethal blockade, are the targets of the current wave of hostility. Oppression campaigns are prevalent in the digital realm, encompassing actions such as account suspensions and removing followers from influencers and users who advocate for Palestine. These campaigns serve to amplify the Israeli narrative while marginalizing the Palestinian one.

Following its lethal aggression in Gaza, Israel is now targeting journalists and media outlets covering events that, per Article 79 of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions, should be safeguarded and regarded as civilians in regions affected by war.

Israel has also perpetrated atrocities against “protected” civilians, including the demise of sixteen journalists in Gaza, the injury of dozens more, and the death of Lebanese photojournalist Issam Abdullah and the injury of six of his colleagues in a bombardment on “Alma Al Shaab”. Furthermore, in the occupied territories, reporters and media teams have been subjected to harassment and incitement by Israeli soldiers.

Furthermore, in the occupied territories, reporters and media groups have been subjected to harassment and incitement by Israeli soldiers.

Given the aforementioned considerations, the Alternative Press Syndicate, or “Nakaba Badila”, urges all organizations, feminist groups, political and student bodies, media unions across the globe, and human rights defenders to cease their silence regarding the ongoing systematic extermination of the Gaza population. Additionally, it advocates against the repressive measures that specific media organizations enforce upon journalists.

Main photo: The funeral of two Palestinian journalists killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, Palestine. (Mahmoud Ajjour / The Palestine Chronicle)

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